Personal Retreats

Retreat time might include:

¨ Additional Spiritual Companionship

¨ Walking the Labyrinth

¨ Hot Tub and Sana

¨ Time in the library

¨ Tarot Readings

¨ Quiet reflection by the pond or cozy wood stove

Basic Price: $130

Includes:  Two nights lodging, meals


one session of conversation

about spiritual retreats

Like a bed and breakfast with a spiritual focus, Sapattu offers a quiet space for personal retreats.  The time may be spent in silence or may include conversation.  The time may be spent in personal contemplation, study and prayer.  Individuals may arrange some time for Spiritual Companionship with Nancy.  Retreatants can design their time away to fit their individual needs. 


Space is limited and time available each month is dependent on the proprietors schedule. 

For additional information, contact Sapattu.

The Meadow House –

a cozy, private space for personal retreats




Retreat time will include:

Good food

Time away from stressful routine

Personal reflection

Seasonal opportunities

Call us:

Proprietor’s phone—(573) 634-3770


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Due to Covid 19
this Service is not available.