Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual companionship is not therapy and should not be seen as such,

It is

à     Conversation

à     Reflection

à     Shared Meditation

Price: Sliding scale $35-50 per session

Spiritual Companionship


All of us are invited by the Divine into relationship.  Sometimes that relationship can be assisted or enhanced by conversation with another who is also concerned about the spiritual journey of life.


Nancy is available for in personal sessions for such conversations. (Masks required)   Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, she is also seeing people via Zoom 


Nancy has a background in Christian theology, training in the esoteric arts and a deep appreciation for all spiritual traditions She has a keen interest in the great mystics of all traditions.


She can offer assistance with meditation, journaling and other daily spiritual practices.  Using a variety of methods, including guided meditation and Tarot, she can help individuals find the guideposts as they continue their personal spiritual journeys.

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