Sliding  Scale  $35-50 per session

This is a list of some of what takes place at

the Centre at the Crossroads.

Tea and conversation about your spiritual journey.  You determine the direction; Nancy provides companionship and suggestions as you travel.

Spiritual Companionship

Price: $40

Wherever you are, this four session class can be a quiet time nurturing time. It will be an opportunity for contemplation and conversation in community with others.  Separated by miles we can still warm one another with care and connection.

Connecting and communing we will warm one another with care and concern.

Seasonal Silence

Text Box: Base Cost : $130 for 48 hours

Like a bed and breakfast with a spiritual focus, Sapattu offers a quiet space for personal retreats.  Retreatants can design their time away to fit their individual needs. 

Personal Retreats

Price: ?

Future Events

Events and Services

As the wheel of the year turns, these days are occasions for quiet reflection.  It is an opportunity to meditate on personal spiritual life as reflected in the changing seasons.

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Alone Together

begins November 5

Price: $30

Alone Together