This five acre mini– retreat center is located just ten miles from the Missouri state capitol.

About Sapattu

The word "sapattu" is based on the Babylonian word from which we derive "Sabbath," a day of rest, reflection and renewal.  Sabbatical, the word for a time of more extended and intentional renewal, comes from the same root word. 


Sapattu is located at the intersection of five roads; it is located at the crossroads.    It is a quiet space in the midst of a chaotic world.  It is a place to come away from the hectic pace of daily living and find the center in the midst of the crossroads of life.  We say it is a place for

· soul wondering,

· soul watching,

· soul washing and

· soul waking.

Fine food, quiet walks, a summer afternoon in the hammock or a winter night by the wood stove can provide renewal for a tired body or a weary soul.  There are many beautiful outdoor settings at Sapattu  and a variety of comfortable indoor spaces.

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