Seasonal Reflections









Autumnal Equinox (also known as Mabon) is again a season that marks a time in the yearly cycle when balance exists between light and dark.  The day of the fall equinox has equal times of daylight and darkness.


On this day we can celebrate the balance point between the rational and the intuitive and then we move toward inner contemplation as we slowly descend into the seasonal rule of winter. 


We now enter the important time of inner growth; the change that is needed for the outer manifestation of next year’s summer.  Only as we surrender to our inner nature can we begin to hear the still small voice within.  In autumn we make ready for that which may call to us in the stillness of winter.


As we prepare, as we settle into self, we might ask ourselves:


֎ What seeds from this year do I want to gather, saving their potential for seasons to come?


֎ What should I discard, clear away in my life so there will be space, fallow ground for new growth in coming seasons?


֎ How is this season of endings like the ending of my own physical life?  What will be the fruits gathered from my living?
















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