Roger TannerThies is a retired university professor.  He has training and has led human relations groups in personal growth, group dynamics and experiential education.  Roger is a trained massage therapist and Rolfer.  He was also trained in family mediation and has done co-mediation with Nancy.          


Roger grew up in the Northeast and was educated at Bates College, Harvard University and Rockefeller University where he earned his Ph.D.For thirty years he taught physiology to medical students and other health professionals in the United States and around the world. 


Roger’s interest in science came from a love of nature and the out-of-doors.  His personal spirituality grows out of awe for God’s creation.

Nancy TannerThies is an ordained minister and a member of Morningstar Mystery School.  Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston, a Masters in Religious Studies and a Doctor of Ministry from the University of Chicago. 


Perhaps more important than her academic credentials or her work experience is Nancy’s long time commitment to her own spiritual journey.  She considers “establishing circles of ancient wisdom” to be the major focus of her life.  Seeking ways to more fully experience the divine-human relationship she has taught about spiritual well-being in a variety of settings. She continues to teach on line and on site..  She also works with individuals providing Spiritual Companionship and preaches monthly at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Jefferson City

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